Set the Young Among Pigeons

Navigating life away from home

Welcome to my lifestyle blog!

I am Nekojita. After a whirlwind romance bouncing between two completely opposite countries, my boyfriend and I eloped! At the same time, we found out we were pregnant! Follow my posts as I navigate life that flipped 360 degrees in a matter of months, and reflect on the past.

Lose the Attitude

I was raised in a very conservative, tight-knit community that secluded themselves from the rest of main stream society. There was pressure to either get married and devote your family to the group, or just devote yourself 110%. As a result, it was common for people to marry young, so the youth often would beginContinue reading “Lose the Attitude”

New Life

Telling my parents about our decision to move to Japan was easy. “We are moving to Japan after the baby is born.” One simple sentence. But it wasn’t easy for them. My father is calm and collected, although I could see inside he was sorrowed. I get it. His present grandchildren are already far fromContinue reading “New Life”

Christmas and Change

The holidays are over and I couldn’t be more happy to be back home. Just kidding. This year I ended the holidays with mixed feelings. I was raised to never celebrate the holidays due to their pagan roots, however being an adult now I decided that thinking like that was not for me and weContinue reading “Christmas and Change”

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